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Paranormal Stories

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The Fire Ball

I remember my first paranormal experience. It was a stormy afternoon in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, I was 4 years old. At first we just sat and watched T.V. as we could no longer play outside. Suddenly the power was out. My mother, I and my 4 siblings gathered in the living room and began conversing to pass the time. I sat on my mothers lap just listening to everyone and cast my eyes out the window occasionally to keep watch on the increasingly strong storm. As I looked out at the sky and the power line in my view I noticed a flaming ball floating center mast on the post and cross beam. I pulled on my mothers shirt to get her attention and asked pointing "Mama, what is that?"

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. In that instant the fire ball shot at our house and hit the concrete front porch making a clap sound, much like the sound of lightning. My mother told us quickly not to move and not to make a sound. I proceeded to ask why, She covered my mouth in response as the fire ball came through the floor and hovered in the middle of the room. It then began to move slowly into the kitchen, then suddenly shot down the hallway and out the back wall of the house with another clap as the house was brick.

We didn't realize at the time, but my older brother was at that moment retrieving laundry from the dryer down the hall, when the ball shot down the hall it was attracted to him and the noise he had been making. Luckily he hit the floor before the ball hit him. I am so glad no one was hurt that day. I am especially amazed, although the whole experience was amazing, that the ball did not burn the wooden floor when it came through.

Experienced and Told By: Tessa N Thomas-Peterson, F.C.P.I. Founder and Director

The Guardian

When I was 5 I shared a bed with my little brother and big sister. As long as I could remember I had a problem getting to sleep at night and generally I was the last in the house to be asleep. I would sleep on the end of the bed closest to the door so I could stare out into the hall and admire and find peace in the green glimmering light coming from our beer clock with the flowing river running through a forest scene that was hung there. After about an hour I began to hear a noise, as I stilled my self to listen closely I could tell it was foot steps. It was too heavy to be a sibling and too light to be my dad... it must be my mom. That's weird I didn't see anyone pass my doorway.

As the steps got closer I readied myself to call out to my mom when she was close enough to hear. "Mom!" I called out "Mom!" again "MOM!" why isn't she listening to me? Just as I began to call out again a figure entered the doorway but I couldn't quiet my voice soon enough. "MOM!!??" Just then the figure stopped in mid stride and slowly turned her head towards me. I couldn't move to cover my head with the blanket, I was frozen in fear. Frozen I stared at her. She was wearing a long black, full, long sleeved lace dress, her boots were from a time long ago. Framing her face was a black lace veil... and she was a foot or so off the ground. She turned her head slow and deliberate until her eyes found me, she didn't say anything... she just stared quietly. After a moment, she turned her head back down the hall and slowly proceeded forward. As soon as she proceeded forward the blanket suddenly moved up and over my head. I could hear the steps travel down the hall until they stopped in front of my parents room. The door creaked, another couple steps then nothing. Not another sound that night besides my beating heart. No more than a week later my mother was injured in a car accident by a drunk driver just up the road from our house. She never recovered and is now on the other side.

At a family gathering years later, we all got on the subject of ghost stories. We all remembered the fire ball, laughed and discussed our different views on the happening then I started on my story above. Everyone sat there with there jaws wide open. As I ended my story my sister stated "You are never going to believe this but I saw her too! I just didn't see her that night!" Then her story began.

"I was in my room listening to my Michael Jackson thriller record. I got up to restart my record and open the window, I was getting hot from dancing, when I turned around I was face to face with the woman you just spoke about. She told me to close my window, I just stared, again she told me to close my window. I began to say "look lady I don't know who you are or what you're doing in my..." "CLOSE THE WINDOW!!!" She stated sternly. So, I turned around, closed and locked my window then turned again to talk to her... she was gone. All that remained were her high heeled boot prints burnt into the floor. I ran out and told mom what had just happened. We searched the house, locked all the doors and windows and waited for morning to come. We checked outside around the windows the next morning and outside my window in the mud were footprints. We lived on a dirt loop just off of the highway and figured a hitch hiker must have tried to get in the room that night.

We all agreed that night that this woman in black was trying to warn and protect us in both instances... She MUST have been our Guardian or Protector.

Experienced and told By: Tessa N Thomas-Peterson F.C.P.I. Founder and Director

The Devil

After my mother had passed, my father experienced so much grief and dispair, he turned to the bottle and drugs. He knew we weren't in the best of hands in his new found condition. We were sent on, what we thought was a summer vacation from Florida back home to Arkansas with our Grandparents. Summer turned to fall and we knew it was something more than just a vacation. I being 7 and my brother aged 6 we made the best of all the acreage and streams.

Soon the nights became anything but normal for us. JonJon, my little brother had always walked in his sleep. But these nights he was running through the old farmhouse screaming for his little life, he'd run into the living room, in through the stove and pantry room then into the kitchen and back. There was a small step in the kitchen. He never fell running in but did every single time he came back. He would land, scramble and get away from whatever it was and the pursuit would end shortly after. On one particular night when he fell my grandparents seemed to grab him from each side and look at him and at the direction from which he had fallen. Fighting and struggling his body soon became limp. There were no more middle of the night outbursts after that. It was quiet but far from peaceful as an energy still lingered.

As I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep, hours passing by, I noticed light on my wall, bouncing around what appeared to be the bare branches of a lilac bush. The shapes making shadow through the light became more irregular and unrecognizable. I slowly crawled down to peek out the window before the right side foot of my bed. I slowly peeked out as not to be seen, one eye upon what I could only describe as gremlin looking, blue-grey shiny scaley slick skin, large pointy pronounced ears, small mouths with sharp teeth . They were bouncing, dancing around the fire dancing, some banging on drums. The drum stopped and chattering ensued, I scrambled back up to my pillow and assumed position under blanket,still as can be, eyes diverted from the window and at the wall. I could see them peering in the window by the defined shape of their shadows upon the wall. Then, the light flickers out to dark and not another sound besides the occasional scratch noise or creek here and there. Sleep was mine as the sunlight pierced the sky.

Next morning Jon-Jon seemed fine, as if nothing had happened. Our day went on as usual, skipping rocks on the pond, mud wars, swimming and coming home as the fireflies began to light up the fields. I told him on our way home for supper what I had seen the night before. His eyes grew wide, his lip trembled as he turned his head away. "They got me...." he mumbled. He did not utter another word. We quietly ate, Jon-Jons' eyes never looking up from his plate. I figured then that I best leave him alone about it and keep my questions to myself.

That night I lay in bed, again, as usual having a hard time quieting my mind. Finally, I drift away. But I'm still in my bed. I begin to smell smoke and light starts to glow and flicker at the end of my bed. My bed begins to tilt! I and my blankets bunching around my hands and knees begin to slide. This is hopeless! I stick my thumbs behind the foot board and flatten out to lesson the chances of me falling off into the sulfur smelling fire. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on when I am jolted awake. I find myself at the end of my bed, I turn and look, the floor is back! Oh my gosh,I collapse on the bed, what kind of messed up dream was that. Breathing deep breaths, gathering my thoughts. I realize I still smell smoke. Its not the Velvet tobacco my grandparents smoked. It was cigar smoke. What the... I slowly turn my head to the doorway, and see the figure of a man in my doorway. He lifts his cigar to his mouth and takes a drag. The cherry of the cigar lit up his face and chest area. He was wearing a tux and he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I looked in his dark eyes and knew instantly who he was. He was the Devil himself, Lucifer.

Growing up, as I had stated in previous stories, I have always had trouble getting to sleep and had a terrible time with night terrors. My dad taught me that the way to make my bad dreams and the bad feelings associated with them go away is to say "God stands before me, Satan fall behind!" Well boys and girls I didn't even say it out loud, I said it in my head and the instant that those words were released from my mind, my eyes slammed closed and I was fast asleep.

Come to find out, years later, after being reunited with my dad that my mother had the very same experience in the very room I was staying in at my grandparents. When she had her encounter he was right next to her bed, they had a lengthy conversation about God, the Devil and my mom knows what, many dark encounters followed. I find peace in the thought that he is getting further and further away and my children are educated on the matter. I know they will be okay.

As far as those little gremlin critters, talking to a coworker 17 yrs ago. She informed me that her cousin, sweet as could be with a heart of gold just couldn't stay out of trouble. She said that the Cobalts got her... When she gave me their description I knew these were the same things. They got my brother, sweet as can be, with a heart of gold. He just can't stay outta trouble.

Experienced and told By: Tessa N Thomas-Peterson F.C.P.I. Founder and Director

The “Old Lady” of Mesa Verde

As an interpretive Ranger working at Mesa Verde I encountered several guests that were interested in any paranormal activity associated with the park. For the first several months, upon being asked I would have to reply that I did not know of any ghosts that roamed the park.

That was until halfway through my first season. I was leading a tour through Cliff Palace. We were standing around the first Kiva when out of the corner of my eye I saw the head and shoulders of a woman with long gray hair in one of the upper storage rooms. For those who have been there this would be the rooms with the white paint around the doors. I was intrigued and later that evening in the Ranger work room mentioned the sighting, wondering if there were anyone from the stabilization crew working in Cliff Palace that day. A fellow Ranger whom I knew also believed in the paranormal told me that an Ancestral Puebloan spirit known as the “Old Lady” showed up from time to time during tours at Cliff Palace and at Balcony House. She loved to poke her head out of an upper story window and look down on the unsuspecting people below.

I had not seen the mischievous spirit for a few weeks. Until, toward the end of the summer season I was leading another tour through Cliff Palace and there was the “Old Lady” in the same place I had spotted her before. I do not remember doing this but a guest remarked that I looked up to that area and smiled. She asked me what I was smiling at and I could only try to explain what I had seen. I got quite a few dubious looks from some of the guests, however one guest said she was glad someone else had seen the apparition. She thought the heat was getting to her.

Later that day I was at Balcony House and was following guests into the second courtyard, once again I saw a familiar figure duck into the upper room above the Kiva. Chuckling I had to explain why I was smiling at something that no one else had seen.

I saw the “Old Lady” Several more times that first season. She continued to make her presence known the second year I worked as a Ranger, and I never failed to give her a smile and a wave.

Experienced and told by Jamie Pickering, F.C.P.I. Coordinator & Para-Investigator

My Ghost

This story takes place in a one hundred year old farm house. It was a 5 bedroom house that sat on over 100 acres. 4 of the bedrooms where on the upper level and one on the main floor. I tell you this because I was am an only child who's bedroom was upstairs by myself while my parents room was downstairs.

I remember my childhood ghost. Today I can say it was a friendly one but when I was 8 I didn't think so. What made it worse is no one belived me.

I'd be trying to fall asleep and I'd hear foot steps in the hallway. I'd shut my eyes and act asleep. The footsteps would walk up to my bed. I'd squeeze my eyes tighter shut. I'd hear it walk over to my closet. I'd hear the door open and close. I'd hear rustling like it laid down. Ahhh... I can breath again.

Morning would come I'd run to the closet not sure what id find. Turn on the lights and always find the same thing. NOTHING.

Just for fun it would wake me up because it loved to play with water. I'd hear the toilet flush or the water running in the sink. I'd run past the bathroom as fast as I could and again NO ONE. But sometimes I could see the water still running into the toilet like it had just been flushed.

There were many nights I would sneak downstairs and sleep on the rug next to my parents bed. If dad would catch me he would march me back upstairs and lock me in my bedroom. Because there was nothing to be afraid of up there.

I moved out when I was 16. Bye bye ghost.

Fast forward 10 years. My dad passes away and my husband is remodeling the farm house and making it into a duplex. Dan would be working at the house in the basement and stop working because he'd hear water running or pot and pans rattling upstairs. He'd go see if my mom was there. No one. If mom would be there alone she'd hear water running in the basement and go check it out. No one. Ha ha mom you got to meet my ghost. Then she believed me. By the time the project was completed the ghost was gone.

What's your ghost story?

Experienced and told by Gloria Kierston, F.C.P.I. Para-Investigator


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